“Contemporary Textiles in the Creation of the Stage Costume” graduation paper made by Kuron (Bekesi) Vilhelmina under the guidance of Professor Doctor Radu Pulbere; Arts and Design University Cluj-Napoca; Decorative Arts and Design Grad School; Textile Arts – Textile Design Specialisation; Interpretation: Badovics Izabela; Location: I.D. Sirbu Dramatic Theatre, Petrosani, Camera 1: Valentin Ionita; Camera 2: Bekesi Nimrod


We had the great pleasure to make this presentation video for Vilhelmina’s graduation paper, “Contemporary Textiles in the Creation of the Stage Costume”. We exclusively made the post-production, editing the footage taken by Valentin Ionita and Bekesi Nimrod. We adjusted the contrast and luminosity, synchronised the soundtrack and optimised the video for online distribution.