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We are passionate about photography since 2005. Be it commercial, event, artistic or family photography, we will offer incredible images created especially for you!

  • Commercial photography (product, event, location, architecture, fashion)
  • Family photography (wedding, baptism, family photo sessions, couple photo sessions, graduation books, kids, maternity)
  • Artistic photography (conceptual, analogue, fine art)
  • Action photography (sport, photojournalism)

Choose the services that suit your need or your business (photography, video, design, event management) and contact us for a personalised offer!

We are passionate about everything visual! Do you need an original website? Cool business cards? Attractive posters or brochures? Or some intriguing outdoor design element? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Web design (responsive websites designed to suit the navigation needs of the users)
  • Graphic design (visual identity, branding, re-branding, invitations, posters, flyers, postere, brochures, roll-ups, business cards, DTP)
  • Outdoor design (graphic, cromatic and photographic concepts for outdoor locations; banners and stickers)
  • Interior design (graphic, cromatic and photographic concepts for indoor locations, unique decorative objects)

We love action! We always want to capture the most interesting scenes and afterwards create a special video story for your project! Videography is the creative process that consists of production (making a script, filming) and post-production (footage and soundtrack editing).

  • Advertising video (corporate events, sports events, commercials, presentations for products/ services/ companies)
  • Family video (wedding, baptism, birthdays)

We have been organising successful events since 2013. Whether it’s an event related to your business or your family, we will handle all the details so you can enjoy the special moments.

  • Business events (ATL and BTL promotion, PR, press releases, visual identity, project management, sound equipment, DJ, customised objects, trophees, event organising)
  • Family events (design and printing for customised invitations, sound equipment and DJ, event organising)
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