Wedding photography is quite a controversial domain here in Romania. Why do we say this? Because wedding photography is treated mostly treated like a business; there are few photographers that remember the human factor, the significance of a wedding, and nonetheless the importance of the bride’s and groom’s personality.

Although wedding photography is part of photojournalism (which focuses on capturing the key moments of an event, on image clarity and creating images as close to reality as possible straight from the camera with minor post-processing adjustments), currently, the trend in Romania is, generally speaking, different. Most photographers prefer to focus more on post-processing, on editing the captured images, on transforming them into images that are as far from reality as possible, and less on capturing great photographs straight from the camera.

In this context, we are part of a small group of romanian photographers that approach wedding photography as a combination betweem photojournalism and artistic photography. We are not against post-processing, but against overdoing it. We want to capture images as close to reality as possible, so that you will remember the most important day of your life exactly as it was, not as an artificial reality. The artistic approach to our photographs comes from the creative angles, the composition, lighting techniques, from the lenses and accessories we use.

This doesn’t mean that all photographs will be the same. Every couple is different by personality, aspect and life experience. This is why in order for you to get the memories you deserve, we need to get to know each other. The Visual Outcasts photo experience doesn’t start at your event, but from the moment you have decided to pick us as your wedding photographers. We will get toghether, talk and get to know each other, we will help you have a great event and the beautiful memories you deserve.

Our experience in photography and creative services is not limited to wedding photography. Although many people consider that focusing on one domain means excelling in that particular domain, we know that in order to be the best in that domain you need to have as vast creative experiences as possible and a continuous desire to learn. You will find more about us soon, in an upcoming post.

Until then, you are all invited to visit our photography portfolio. Also, if you have any questions or want to set up a meeting, do not hesitate to contact us.

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