• design grafic brosura verde alb

    Design grafic pentru brosura euRobotics AISBL realizat de Visual Outcasts, Constanta, Romania

  • afise postere robotica cu roboti

    Design grafic pentru afise, postere euRobotics AISBL realizat de Visual Outcasts, Constanta, Romania

euRobotics AISBL

euRobotics AISBL (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif) is a Brussels based international non-profit association for all stakeholders in European robotics.

One of the association’s main missions is to collaborate with the European Commission (EC) to develop and implement a strategy and a roadmap for research, technological development and innovation in robotics, in view of the launch of the next framework program Horizon 2020. Towards this end, euRobotics AISBL was formed to engage from the private side in a contractual Public-Private Partnership, SPARC, with the European Union as the public side.

Website: www.eu-robotics.net


At the end of 2015 we had the great opportunity to collaborate with euRobotics AISBL. While designing a series of graphic elements for online and print, we took into consideration the current graphic design standards, the euRobotics brandbook and the events’ themes:

Graphic Design